Standard Donkey Car kit

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These are partial Kits for your Donkey Car build. They include 3D Printed Frames, Camera, Servo Driver, Screws and jumper wires. Other parts can be purchased from Amazon.  

Important Notes: 

  • No Adapter is required for the "Magnet" RC car
  • The standard adapter must be purchased if you have bought the "Blaze", "Desert Monster" or "Short Course Truck" RC Cars.
  • The WLToys Adapter must be used for the Wltoys 144011
  • Choosing the Jetson version includes an adapter for the Jetson and a IMX219 Camera

This Kit only includes:

  • 3D Printed Chassis 
  • Screws and Washers
  • Adapters (if needed, depending on model selected)
  • Camera
  • Servo Driver
  • Jumper cables

This kit does not include

  • RC Car
  • Raspberry Pi
  • SD Card
  • Battery