5 Volt, 5 Amp Buck Converter

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Ideal for both the Raspberry Pi and the Jetson Nano this buck converter will efficiently provide 5 Amps at 5 Volts to a raspberry Pi from your battery pack.  Important note - A 3S LiPo battery or a power source greater than 9 volts is highly recommended for this to work properly.  A 2S or a 7.2V NiCd battery will usually not work.  This converter also conveniently has a USB port for powering the Raspbery Pi or Jetson nano with a USB A to micro USB cable or you can use the Jetson Nano barrel power connector to take full advantage of the 4A using these screw terminal barrel connector.


LiPo battery warning: LiPo batteries are dangerous and can catch fire.  Please follow the safety recommendations of the battery you purchase.  If in doubt, use NiCd batteries.